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Our aim is to provide accurate information to promote the safe, respectful, informed, and effective usage of psilocybin mushrooms, specifically microdosing for therapeutic use.

Why we created this site

With the recent dialogue surrounding legalizing psychedelics for therapeutic usage, interest in these powerful substances is surging in the mainstream. Since the prohibition of psychedelic drugs in 1970, there has been widespread misinformation and many misconceptions about the usage of these sacred medicines. One practice that has been gaining popularity is "microdosing," taking small doses doses on a regular basis to improve mood, creatvitiy, or cognition. We created this site to guide that curiosity towards safe and informed practices. Our mission is to dispel myths, offer accurate information, and foster a respectful approach to using these powerful natural medicines, emphasizing their potential for transformation when used responsibly.

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MICRODOSING IS NOT FOR EVERYONE. This guide is purely for informational and educational purposes in order to support the safe and respectful use of sacred natural medicine for healing and transformation. We are not promoting mindless consumption of these powerful substances. Always do your own research and always consult with a medical professional, especially if you are taking medications or antidepressants. We are not doctors, and any information we share is not intended to treat, diagnose, or cure any physical or mental illness. While we've tried our best to provide thorough educational information, this guide is in no way comprehensive or a replacement for consulting with a medical professional. If do you choose to microdose or consume any dose of any psychedelic substance of any kind, you choose to do so as a personal choice of your own free will, not because of the recommendation of any outside parties, including Always be aware of the risks before consuming mind-altering substances. We ask that you take full ownership and responsibility for your own choices, especially those impacting your mental and physical health 💜